Lawn Aeration & Over seeding


Core Aeration and Over seeding is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn - and Natural Beauty does it better than anyone else.  Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping has the latest aeration equipment to get the job done right.  Our state of the art aeration machine removes the cores of up to 3½” out of the soil, leaving pores in the ground. This allows the compacted soil to expand and soak up more water and nutrients. The smaller, walk behind machines do not have the downward force that is required to accomplish this.


What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is a process designed to reduce soil compaction, which allows increased air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of grass. This dramatically improves the growth of the roots promoting a strong and healthy turf. Aeration is the best way to grow a lush green turf your neighbors will envy.
Compacted soil does not allow water to penetrate the surface which can prevent water and nutrients from moving down into the soil. Without the necessary nutrients your lawn will not be healthy and thrive. Even a small amount of compaction, caused by repeated walking or riding a lawn mower on a lawn, can wreak havoc on your turf. While grass is still able to grow in compacted soils, it tends to be weaker and more susceptible to disease and infection.

The best time to aerate is in the fall. This is due to the cooler weather patterns and higher moisture level. Also, it will not interfere with the pre-emergent chemicals applied in the springtime.


Lawn Aeration & Grass Seeding Bucks County, PA


Benefits for Your Lawn:

  • Increased water uptake by the soil
  • Improved fertilizer uptake
  • Decreased water runoff & puddling
  • Oxygenated root zone
  • Stronger root systems
  • Brighter/greener lawn
  • Increased drought and heat stress
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning

What is Over seeding?

Over seeding is the process of broadcast spreading seed on an existing turf. Over seeding immediately after core aeration dramatically increases the germination rate of the seed. So instead of broadcasting seed on an established turf and hoping the seed will germinate, carrying out this process after aeration will cause the seed to fall into the holes in the turf where it will have adequate seed to soil contact for germination.

Seeding after aeration is another reason to aerate in the fall. Seed has a much better chance of becoming established at this time of year and  In the fall, it will germinate, mature and then become dormant - compared to seeding in the spring when the seed will germinate, mature and then will endure the heat and drought stress of the summer causing the new growth to die.


Core aeration and over seeding is the best, most beneficial service for transforming and maintaining your beautiful, healthy, lush lawn. This is why so many customers request this valuable fall service from Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping.


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