Lawn Renovation


Is your lawn bare, full of weeds and mixed with different types of grasses? Do you feel like no matter how much fertilizer and grass seed you put on your lawn it never seems to help? Sometimes the issue with not having a healthy lawn is because your lawn does not have the correct type of grass or you have pour soils with improper drainage. A way to solve this issue is a complete lawn renovation.


  • We start by evaluating the site:

A professional will come out and survey your lawn, looking at your grass types, soil and drainage.

  • The next step we will work together and formulate a plan:

Whether soil amendments need to be added, selecting the proper seed or sod and if grading work needs to be done.


  • After a plan has been established we will send a crew out to begin the process:

First the existing turf will be removed and the soil will be tilled and soil amendments will be added, such as organic matter and lime. The area will be tilled and graded.


  • The next step the area will be seeded or sodded:

If the area is seeded a moisture control fabric will be applied.


In a few weeks you will have a beautiful new lawn and the envy of your neighbors. Call Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping today to set up your free evaluation.



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