Mulching Services


Maintaining a healthy weed free landscaping environment is key to a beautiful landscape. Mulching is one of the most important steps to achieving this goal. Natural wood mulch and organic compost mulch has many key benefits for your trees, shrubs and flowers. Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping provides the necessary mulching services to provide you with a gorgeous, lush landscape.


Why Mulch?

Nothing makes your landscape look better than a fresh layer of mulch, but its not all about looks! Not only does mulch make your flowers pop and your shrubs look clean, mulch also is the most effective weed control.


Natural wood mulch applied in the correct amount creates a barrier between the bare soil. Millions of weeds seeds lay active in the soil waiting for the correct amount of light to emerge. By creating a barrier between the weeds and sunlight the mulch helps suppress weed germination.


Mulch also acts as moisture conservation. Keeping our planting watered throughout the summer can be a difficult task. By mulching the wood holds moisture in the soil and also keeps the ground temperature lower. This helps keep your plants from drying out quickly.


Another key benefit is the added nutrients to the soil. As the mulch breaks down and decomposes it releases nutrients into the soil, fertilizing your flowers, trees and shrubs.


Bucks County Pennsylvania, Mulching Services


Available mulches:

  • Natural Wood Mulch (Light Brown)
  • Natural Black Wood Mulch (Dyed Black)
  • Natural Brown Wood Mulch (Dyed Brown)
  • Natural Red Wood Mulch (Dyed Red)
  • Orgainc Mushroom Soil
  • Organic Leaf Compost

Organic mulch:

Natural Beauty offers 2 types of wood free organic mulch. Organic mulch offers the same benefits as wood mulch with the added benefit of adding more nutrients to the soil. The two types of organic mulches are mushroom soil and leaf compost mulch. The mushroom soil and leaf compost mulches decompose more quickly and add higher amounts of nitrogen to the soil.


Mushroom soil is composed of horse-bedded straw (straw from horse stables), hay, poultry manure, ground corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, gypsum, and other substances. This mixture is used in mushroom houses as a media to grow mushrooms. After the mushrooms are harvested, the "spent" substrate is removed from the houses and pasteurized with steam to kill insects, pathogens, and mushroom remnants. Using the mushroom soil in your flower beds greatly enhances your soil structure and improves the health and vigor of your plants.


Leaf compost mulch is comprised of decomposed leaves and small branches. The leaves and branches are ground up and stored in piles where they begin to decompose, turning into a rich organic mixture. Leaf compost is the most natural way to enhance the health of your landscape. In the fall leaves drop from the trees and blanket the forest floor. The leaves decompose and turn the soil into rich organic top soil. Adding the leaf compost to your flower beds is essentially the same thing.


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