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Grass Seeding Bucks County


What is overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of seeding an established or partially established turf. Over time grass can become tiered and warn out. The best way to perk up your lawn is by adding some new seed. There are two main ways to overseed a lawn. The first is by slit seeding. Slit seeding is a mechanical process carried out by using a machine. The slit seeding machine has horizontal blades that slice into the soil. Behind the blades is a hopper that disperses seed into the cuts in the soil. It is important when using a slit seeding machine to make passes horizontal and vertical to ensure full coverage. Another way to overseed is to broadcast spread the seed after core aeration. Core aeration is the process of removing cores of soil from the lawn. When the seed is spread, after aeration, it falls into the holes and germinates.


Why overseed?

To determine if your lawn should be overseeded there are a couple of factors to consider. How is the overall health of the lawn? Does your lawn have a lot of bare spots? Is your lawn sparse in sections? These are all good reasons to overseed.



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When is the best time to overseed?

The best time to overseed hands down is in late summer early fall. This time of the year we are starting to see more rain and the temperatures are becoming cooler and better for grass to grow. Also looking ahead the grass will be entering a period of dormancy in the winter months. Also no pre-emergents are active in the soil or will be applied. Overseeding can be done in the spring but you can run into issues with the new grass in the summer. Pre-emergents are also being applied at this time and the overseeding can have a negative effect.


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