Lawn Care Service Program:


Think of all the time you’ll be saving with the Natural Beauty Professional Lawn Care Service Program For each new client, we conduct a FREE soil test to determine the correct fertilizer and lime applications.  As a member of our program, you will never have to worry about bare spots or weeds or pests in your lawn again.  If a problem ever should arise while a member of our program, we guarantee a worry free solution.  All in all, like other home services of this kind, it really does pay for itself over time.


We offer our flexible Lawn Care Service Program that can work just for you:





Round One is applied early spring.  This application includes a slow release fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control as well as a lime application to balance PH levels.


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Round Two is applied mid spring.  This application prevents crabgrass and grubs from destroying your lawn. Also, another round of fertilizer is applied.



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Round Three is applied late spring or early summer.  This application focuses on killing broad leaf weeds and preparing the lawn for the heat stress of summer with an organic fertilizer.


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Round Four is applied in late summer or early fall.  This application focuses on rejuvenating the lawn from the hot dry summer months with a slow release fertilizer.



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Round Five is applied mid to late fall.  This application focuses on preparing your lawn to survive the winter. A granular fertilizer and weed pre-emergent are applied.


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Natural Beauty Lawn Care will care for your lawn and landscaping in an environmentally conscious way. We can provide a wide variety of natural lawn alternatives such as organic topdressing and organic fertilizers which can be substituted for inorganic products. There are many organic pest control options as well.