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Shrub Pruning


When is the best time to prune shrubs?

Ideally the best time to prune your shrubs in late spring and early fall. Pruning your shrubs in the dead of summer can cause unwanted stress to the shrubs causing damaging effects. Flowering shrubs should be pruned immediately after flowering. Pruning flowering shrubs before or a long period after flowing can result in a substantial decrease in flower production.


Shrub pruning techniques:

There are a couple different ways to prune your shrubs. The way you prune your shrubs depends on what type of shrub you are pruning. Some shrubs need shearing, others hand pruned. In some cases some shrubs need the tops of the plants to be pruned open to allow sunlight to reach the inside of the plant promoting new growth. It is very important to remember when shearing or hand pruning shrubs to always cut back to a node or bud to promote healthy new growth. Improper pruning can lead to die back or ugly shrubs. It is also important not to prune too much off one shrub.



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