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Sod Installation


What is sod installation?

Sodding is installing mature grass to bare soil. Grass seed is planted in fields and grown to maturity. Once the roots are fully developed the sod is then cut from the field the day or day before installation and is rolled up for transportation. The site is then prepared for the sod and the sod is installed to the prepared soil.


Process of installation:

The first step to installing sod is determining if sod is the right choice. To determine if sod is the right selection there are a couple of things to look at. The first thing is timing. What time of year is it? If you seed will the seed have enough time to germinate and mature for summer or winter? The second step is measuring to determine how much sod is needed for the areas. The next step is determining what type of sod to use. If the area is in full sun a tall fescue or Kentucky blue sod should be used. In a highly shaded area a creeping red fescue will be an adequate selection. Once the sod is chosen the ground must be prepared. The existing turf must be removed and the soil cultivated.


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After the soil has been cultivated it is now time to amend the soil if needed. We determine what amendments to use by performing a soil test. Is the soil has a high alkaline level lime is applied. If the soil is lacking in organics mushroom soil is applied. Once the soil is amended the ground is graded and leveled. When the sod is applied it is important to lay the sod in one direction and stagger the pieces being laid just like a hard wood floor. This keeps the weak seams spread out. The sod is healed in place with sod staples. Once the whole area is covered with the sod the area mush be watered right away and a watering program will be suggested determined on the time of year.


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