Spring Clean Up Services


Spring is the time for growth and recovery from the harsh winter months. With the cold comes snow, ice and wind. When the snow starts melting and the sun becomes warmer the disaster reveals its self. Tree limbs are broken, shrubs and plants smashed by the weight of the snow, grass torn up from plowing and debris and leaves scattered across the lawn. Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscape is here to help you clean up!

Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscape's spring clean up services help your landscape and turf recover from the hard winter months and start the beautification of your property. The spring time is also a great time to start moving forward with new landscaping ideas. Call or email to schedule your free evaluation today!


Bucks County Pennsylvania, Spring Clean Up Care



Leaf, debris & small branch removal:

Cleaning up your lawn after the winter can be a tough job. Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping is here to help. Left over leaves from fall have blown around and are stuck under shrubs. Small branches and sticks have broken off trees from the ice and snow and a strewn across your property. The crews at Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping are here to help. We strive to make your property look the best for the up coming summer months. We will clean up all of the leaves and branches in a timely manner and haul the mess away in the same day!


Large & damaged branch/tree removal:

Unfortunately with the beautiful snow from winter comes a damaging factor for your trees. Many trees experience the damaging effects of the snow breaking branches and harming the integrity of the trees. Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping will come to your property and remove the fallen branches and prune the trees where the branches have broken off. Pruning the broken branches helps the trees cover up the wounds created by the branches breaking.

Lawn repair:

Your turf can become damaged very easily during the winter. Snow plows can damaged the sides of your driveway. Leaving grass torn up and messy. Also when snow sits on the lawn for a long period of time mold can attack the grass leaving areas of the lawn brown and bare. Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping can help your lawn get back into shape by sodding, spot seeding or aeration and over seeding.


Flower bed edging:

The frost and thaw throughout winter along with the rain and snow can break down the beautiful edges of your flower beds. Giving your landscaping and old tired look. Our crews will re-edge your flower beds to a deep, sharp professional edge. Giving your landscaping and instant face lift. When the crews at Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping cut and edge into the flower bed we remove the soil from the flower bed and from the property. Some other companies simply flip the soil back into the flower bed. This causes a massive build up of soil around trees, shrubs and flowers, potentially damaging the plantings. Also the soil overtime can build up around the foundation of your house potentially causing drainage issues.



For all of your Spring clean up services contact Natural Beauty Lawn & Landscaping!